• Creating a Schedule
    1. Navigate to the Accounts tab
    2. Select the account(s) to add to a Schedule
    3. Right click > Schedule

    1. Navigate and click the task to be scheduled

      • A) Check Every to run every set amount of minutes
    1. Optionally check Between to set time windows that tasks can only run between
      • B) Check Once to run only once at a set time
      • C) Check After to run after another schedule has finished

    • Checking Schedules

You can check the status of your scheduled tasks on the Schedule tab

    • Name        - The name you gave a Schedule when you create it
    • Task        - The type of function the Schedule is setup to run
    • Options        - The various options related to that specific Task
    • Time        - The time left until the Schedule will run next
    • Status        - The current status of the Schedule

    • Command Bar

You can perform schedule related actions from the command bar

    • Create        - Create a new Schedule
    • View        - Views Schedule information
    • Run Now        - Runs the selected Schedule
    • Toggle        - Toggles the Status of the selected Schedule
    • Delete        - Deletes the selected Schedule

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